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Nov. 2017 - Letter to Friends and Benefactors No. 88

November 21, 2017
Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X shows: The links among the revolt of Luther, the Bolshevik Revolution and the miracle of Fatima: Liberal laxity and state communism/socialism. The great anti-Christian persecutions carried out by the Communists had been announced by Our Lady at Fatima and she gives us the supernatural remedy to these evils.

May 2019 - Cathedrals on Fire

May 20, 2019
Millions of anxious souls watched in disbelief as the cathedral of Notre-Dame perished in the flames. The work of centuries by humble and God fearing men, within a matter of hours, was left scorched and in ashes. The tragedy of Notre-Dame is a striking image of our own souls which are made to be sanctuaries and living tabernacles of the Most High. A faithful soul will resemble a heavenly façade enclosing within itself the Most Holy Trinity; a rejection of God abandons the soul to a fiery ruin.