Rector's letters

June 2005 - "To Be Sure of God as of a Family...

June 01, 2005
When we are lost, we do not hesitate to ask directions from a complete stranger and then follow them exactly. This trust, which we automatically give to someone who may well be an inveterate liar or a downright scoundrel, we usually deny God. This distrust of God is an effect of our pride which drives us to want to know, to rule, to foresee – in a word, to control. Although we are obliged to submit to the innumerable vagaries of our existence, it is still hard for us to adore God in humility and blindness, in ignorance and submission, dependent on multiple events over which we have no power.

May 2005 - Neither in Illusion, nor Close-minded

May 01, 2005
The death of John Paul II has been the occasion for the media's presentation of an accurate picture of the long years of his Pontificate. They have done this with great rejoicing. We share their analysis, but we are saddened by it. Prompted by his false liberal vision of man as an absolute, John Paul II considered himself the servant of man, with Christ as the most beautiful exemplar of humanity. In the service of mankind, and trying to reconcile it with itself, he also became the champion of ecumenism. It is true that this premise of man as an absolute has permitted the Pope to keep firmly attached to the moral principles. On this point, our sentiments are radically different from those of the press because it has, in general, complained about this firmness. But this shadow has been very slight and it has not been an impediment to the world-wide media triumph that was his funeral. Although we have rejoiced to see the reaction of Christian people justly saddened by the loss of the Holy Father, we cannot but regret that this filial reaction has been transformed into a sentimental manifestation of devotion towards a charismatic man.

April 2005 - What Kind of Schools for our Children

April 01, 2005
Firstly, let me invite you to persevere in prayer for the intentions of Holy Mother Church. This is a time for prayer and sacrifice, for daily fidelity to grace. By praying for the repose of the soul of Pope John Paul II, we discharge our duties towards him, far from the polemics that, in this moment, could only be sterile. This is the appropriate time for following the repeated and pressing exhortations of Our Lady regarding our double duty of being souls of prayer and penance. Let us also pray for the Cardinals entering into the Conclave, so that they may be docile to the inspirations of the Holy Ghost.

March 2005 - "Sitio"

March 01, 2005
Holy Mother Church never ceases to invite us to turn our eyes towards Our Lord Jesus Christ, in order to know Him, to love Him, to follow Him and to be like Him by participating in His grace. Nonetheless, dazzled by our own excellence, we like to let our gaze linger upon ourselves and contemplate our own importance. As long as we do not radically change our object of contemplation, we will not be able to answer this maternal invitation favorably.

February 2005 - The Law of Happiness

February 01, 2005
"Enjoy yourself," the world is forever telling us. "Enjoy yourself and do not be ashamed. Pleasure will make you happy." How difficult it is to resist such an invitation! We naturally desire happiness, but we are usually under the insidious influence of the modern confusion between pleasure and happiness, and thus, we are only too ready to listen to those voices that invite us in such an insistent manner to savor all the fruits of pleasure. In reality, this constant solicitation is a dreadful trap.

January 2005 - At the School of Divine Providence

January 01, 2005
Jaded child of an artificial world, modern man has lost the capacity to be surprised. He cannot understand the importance of taking the time to pause, discover and admire the beauty of those realities not made by the hand of man. The wonders of nature and the stunning workings of grace leave him unmoved. He is unable to appreciate their munificence and harmony, which proclaim the perfections of God.

December 2004 - Interview of Fr. Le Roux

December 01, 2004
Interview with Father Le Roux by the French SSPX newsportal La Porte Latine.

December 2004 - The Immaculata, Oasis of God #2

December 01, 2004
The world seems a desert where all traces of the Divine Presence have been ruthlessly swept away by the parching winds of Materialism – a desert in which men do not know where to find the salutary waters of grace. Spiritually dehydrated and trying to extinguish the internal fires that torment them, men rush off in vain spiritual quests that are no more than mirages.

November 2004 - Mgr. Lefebvre, Steadfast in...

November 01, 2004
On November 21, 1974, in Rome, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre wrote a memorable manifesto, a vigorous declaration of Catholic Faith against the errors infecting the Church today. In it, he presented, very clearly and firmly, the profound motives that had led him to oppose the grave doctrinal deviations of the Roman authorities. That text made quite clear that his opposition to the Roman reforms, far from being the result of a schismatic or rebellious spirit, was no more than the expression of his deep and indefectible devotion to the Throne of Peter.

October 2004 - On The Offensive

October 01, 2004
Living in the midst of a spineless world whose polluted air numbs the soul, we have the duty and the honor to go on the offensive. Having received a sacred deposit from Christ on the Cross, we are under the obligation of making our inheritance bear fruit. The baptismal grace we have received does not allow us any prevarication, because it has deeply marked our soul with the indelible seal of the Cross. It has inscribed it in blood, in that Precious Blood that demands our personal response and our indefectible engagement. Any evasion is nothing more than cowardice.