Seminary Professors

Rector: Reverend Father Yves le Roux

Father Yves le Roux was born in Paris, France. Ordained in 1990, he was assigned as Rector of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in 2003. Father le Roux teaches Pastoral Studies, Aesthetic and Mystical Theology and gives evening spiritual conferences to all of the seminarians.


Father Paul Vassal

Father Paul Vassal was born in Grenoble, France. He studied at Econe, Switzerland and was ordained in 2002. After serving as prior in Lyon, France and then at Post Falls, Idaho, he was assigned to St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary where he now teaches moral theology and Humanities


Father Michael Goshie

Father Michael Goshie is an American born in Milan, Italy. After serving in the Marine Corps and earning a Master’s in Education, he entered the Seminary and was ordained in 2010. Father Goshie was assigned to the Seminary in 2012 where he teaches Canon Law, Cosmology & Psychology, Church History and Latin II.


Father Alexander Wiseman

Father Alexander Wiseman was born in New York, NY. He earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts before entering St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, where he was ordained in 2013. Having taught at St. Mary's Academy and College, while assisting the superintendant of the U.S. District schools for four years, he is now stationed at the Seminary.  Father teaches Metaphysics and Dogma I. 


Father Anthony Leo Haynos


Fr. Thomas Brooks


Father John Carlisle